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Bescient Technologies (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES"; stock code: SH.688671) is an innovative publicly traded high-tech corporation listed on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board. The company is dedicated to the independent development of Internet of Things (IoT) sensing devices and big data technologies. The company aims to build intelligent industry applications and technical solutions for comprehensive sense and interconnection. The company's business spans across various fields, including digital ecology, digital water governance, digital agriculture and urban digital governance.

Bescient Technologies boasts an industry-leading innovative R&D team, which consistently pursues technology and product innovation with a forward-looking industry perspective and a global vision. The company has achieved a full digital industry chain integration from the perception layer to the data layer and the intelligence application layer, providing comprehensive solutions for customers' digital transformation. Recognized as a national "Little Giant" enterprise, the company has established two provincial-level engineering technology research centers, possesses a multitude of independent intellectual properties, and has been conferred with four provincial and ministerial-level science and technology awards. The company has made substantial contributions to national major scientific research projects multiple times, aligning its strategic objectives with those of the national development strategy.

In recent years, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES has garnered widespread acclaim from a diverse range of clients with its excellent product quality and technical service, achieving rapid expansion. As a pioneer in the digital application field, the company's State-of-the-art product and technology has been widely applied in thousands of key projects at the national, provincial, and Corporate hierarchy. The company has established a leading force in digital sense in the fields of ecological environment, water management, agriculture, and urban management in China.

Looking to the future, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES will continue to uphold the business philosophy of "striving as the foundation, innovation as the driving force; integrity for win-win, pursuit of excellence", further expanding the digital industry chain and industry application market. The company will make a hundredfold effort, repay the world,society and shareholders with the best performance, and demonstrate the great innovative power of Chinese enterprises in a global perspective.

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