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Guangdong Province Zhuhai City Drainage Intelligent Perception System Pilot Project

Time:2024-04-20 17:11:58                Reading:11228

| Project Introduction
The Zhuhai Drainage Intelligent Perception System Pilot Project, undertaken by ZTE Instruments, is Zhuhai's inaugural intelligent monitoring system for water service networks. Taking into account Zhuhai's actual situation, it has established an intelligent drainage perception system that encompasses sewage pump station inlet water quality monitoring, drainage network blockage point water level video monitoring, and flood-prone point water level monitoring. It has installed COD, ammonia nitrogen, chloride water quality sensors, and flat radar water level meters in the sewage pump station inlet wells for real-time monitoring of the concentration and water level of the inlet water. The pilot project has been operational for over a month, successfully withstanding the challenges posed by Typhoon Lekima (No. 8) and Typhoon Podul (No. 11). It has been operating smoothly and has achieved the expected goals.



| Highlights of the Case

● The system employs ultra-low-power NB-IoT IoT module terminals, addressing the issues of poor underground signals and challenging power supply.

● It offers technical support for urban flood and waterlogging prevention, rain and sewage diversion treatment, pollution source tracing, and low-impact development.

● It provides new ideas and directions for the subsequent intelligent management of the drainage network in Zhuhai City.


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