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Continuous Flue Gas Emission Monitoring System of Guangdong Shenzhen Mawan Power Co., Ltd.

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| Project Introduction

Since 2001, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES has undertaken the construction of 15 sets of Continuous Emission Monitoring Systems (CEMS) for the desulfurization inlet and outlet of Units 1#–6# and for 1#–3# chimneys at the Shenzhen Mawan Power Plant. The equipment has been operating stably for over a decade. The power plant has been using seawater for desulfurization since 2001, achieving a desulfurization efficiency of over 98%. The SO2 concentration after desulfurization is below 20mg/m3, fully complying with ultra-low emission standards, despite the challenges in monitoring low concentrations. The system uses a dilution sampling method and high-precision SO2 analyzers to accurately measure the real concentration of SO2 in the flue gas. This avoids the loss of SO2 during the condensation process of the direct extraction method and the inaccuracies in measurement data caused by instrument error in large-scale instruments.



| Features of the Case

● The system eliminates the need for users to incur additional costs for further upgrades and development of the CEMS system.

● The CEMS system has no moving parts, which significantly enhances system reliability, reduces maintenance requirements for users, and saves operational and maintenance costs.



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