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Shanghai Zhenhua Changxing Base Ambient Air Quality Automatic Monitoring Project

Time:2024-04-20 16:32:50                Reading:8438

In accordance with the construction plan of Zhenhua Group's Changxing base environmental quality automatic monitoring system, Changxing base has planned to construct five factory boundary online monitoring stations and one park station. Through the construction and effective, stable operation of six automatic monitoring stations, it essentially achieves comprehensive online monitoring of unorganized emissions of atmospheric pollutants and noise emissions from Zhenhua Changxing Base and nearby sensitive areas. It objectively and promptly reflects the emission status of regional atmospheric and noise pollution sources, provides data support for the evaluation of regional environmental governance measures and the continuous improvement of environmental quality in the area, and offers technical assurance for the green and sustainable development of enterprises.


▎Construction Details

The main components of the project construction include: establishing one central station in the park (located within the factory area, set at the boundary of the operation area); four boundary stations (west boundary station, north boundary 1 station, north boundary 2 station, north boundary 3 station) serving as representative monitoring points; and one monitoring center. The project employs mature technologies such as GC-FID/MS, DOAS, and β-ray online monitoring to monitor components of VOCs, non-methane total hydrocarbons, NOX/NO2/NO, NH3, HCl PM10, characteristic pollutants, noise, and meteorological parameters in the ambient air.

▎Project Significance

The project is grounded in the principle of closed-loop management, focusing on identifying, assessing, and investigating environmental hazards to implement a new service model of "environmental stewardship" for industrial agglomeration zones. Upon completion, it will provide technical support for the continuous improvement of the area's air quality and sustainable development.

The project aims to pinpoint the challenges in pollution control from various aspects such as potential environmental risks, operation of environmental protection facilities, and environmental management strategies. This establishes an operational mechanism of "expert diagnosis, prescribing solutions, enterprises implementing measures, and government supervision".

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