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Smart Safety and Environmental Integrated Platform Project of the Chemical Recycling Industrial Park in Jingmen, Hubei Province

Time:2024-04-20 16:47:41                Reading:12031

| Project Introduction
The Jingmen Chemical Recycling Industrial Park, with refining and petrochemical industries as its main body, forms an industrial pattern characterized by the combination of oil and coal. It constructs an "one core, two wings" industrial layout with refining and petrochemical industries as the main body, and the development of new chemical materials and fine chemicals. With the increase in the number and scale of enterprises in the chemical recycling industrial park, there are various flammable, explosive, toxic and harmful gases, as well as production and domestic sewage, and the possibility of environmental pollution accidents is also increasing.

The first phase of the project constructs the basic framework of the smart park: 1 emergency command center; access to 20 major hazard source enterprises; monitoring of 16 kilometers of public utility tunnels; 10 unorganized emission monitoring; 1 standard air station; 1 park boundary.



| Highlights of the Case
● The project integrates safety production supervision and environmental monitoring management organically, forming a smart park system with distinctive features. It enhances the environmental regulatory efficiency of the park management committee and enables real-time monitoring of the pollution discharge of enterprises within the park. It aids the management committee in real-time monitoring of environmental pollution from key enterprises, urging enterprises to adopt measures for pollution control, and promoting the harmonious development of enterprise production and the environment.
● Building upon the emergency command center, the project establishes an emergency support system, comprehensively enhancing environmental risk prevention and emergency response capabilities. It significantly improves environmental emergency management capabilities, preventing and adeptly responding to sudden environmental incidents, reducing economic losses, and protecting people's lives and property.

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