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Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Yinchuan Smart Environmental Protection Platform Construction Project

Time:2024-04-20 16:49:56                Reading:11312

| Project Introduction     

In 2014, the Yinchuan city government collaborated with ZTE Corporation to establish ZTE (Yinchuan) Smart Industry Co., Ltd., with a planned investment of 3 billion yuan to construct a "Smart City" in three phases. Yinchuan's Smart City, built on the framework of "one map, one network, one cloud", comprises 10 major systems and 13 sub-modules. The first phase includes public-oriented projects such as the citizen card, smart community, smart tourism, and smart healthcare. It focuses on scientific management with smart environmental protection, safe city, smart governance, smart network, and smart transportation. Industrial derivatives have introduced the panoramic 3D geographic information map, big data center, big data cloud platform, and enterprise cloud.

| Highlights of the Case

● Smart environmental protection, with monitoring, control, and management as its core, leverages IoT, cloud computing, big data, and other technologies. It aims to establish Yinchuan's reputation as an eco-friendly city characterized by "green mountains, blue water, blue sky, and white clouds".

● It utilizes air monitoring stations, online water quality monitors, noise monitors, and other equipment to conduct real-time monitoring of ecological environmental parameters that impact residents' lives.

● It implements source monitoring for enterprises and areas with environmental risks, such as odor monitoring, enterprise pollution control facility monitoring, heavy metal emission monitoring, etc. It analyzes variables, enhances corporate environmental awareness, and strengthens government management capabilities.

● Through environmental big data analysis, it identifies factors impacting residents' living environments, providing a decision-making basis for targeted environmental management. This aids the government in formulating environmental protection measures and regulations.


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