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National Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station Operation and Maintenance Project

Time:2024-04-20 16:52:08                Reading:11706

| Project Introduction

In 2018, ZTE Instruments won the bid and undertook the construction of the 12th package of the National Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station project (Henan, Anhui). It also took on three years of operation and maintenance services for the national network water quality automatic monitoring stations within these regions. This service includes, but is not limited to, station houses, water sampling, and all instrument equipment. The project plays a significant role in enhancing the water environment quality automatic monitoring network, promptly capturing the national surface water environment quality dynamics, and establishing a robust surface water environment quality monitoring system.



| Highlights of the Case

● The project represents the world's largest surface water monitoring network.

● Monitoring data are regularly released to the public and directly used for water quality assessment and local government evaluations.

● A pioneering quality control system ensures the data's "accuracy, precision, and completeness" by covering aspects such as personnel, machines, materials, methods, environment, data review, and blind sample assessments.

● A systematic water station operation and maintenance management system.

● A complete traceability system manages every component and reagent throughout their entire process and lifespan.

● A comprehensive emergency monitoring system ensures that environmental monitoring data are not interrupted, even during major epidemics or other special periods.


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