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Jiangsu Province Taixing Economic Development Zone Atmospheric Environment Monitoring, Control, and Early Warning System Project

Time:2024-04-20 16:57:54                Reading:11848

| Project Introduction

Taixing City, situated in the central part of Jiangsu Province along the northern bank of the lower reaches of the Yangtze River, administers 16 towns and one provincial-level economic development zone, specifically the Jiangsu Province Taixing Economic Development Zone.

The Taixing Economic Development Zone was founded in September 1991 and received approval from the provincial government to be a provincial-level economic development zone in November 1993. In 2012, the Provincial Economic and Information Commission recognized it as the "Jiangsu Province New Industrialization Industrial Demonstration Base · Chemical New Materials".

To realize the objectives of "dynamic monitoring, scientific prediction, early warning prevention, and emergency response", the construction of the park's atmospheric environment monitoring, control, and early warning system encompasses pollution sources (enterprises) within the park, the park's boundary, and surrounding environmentally sensitive protection targets. It includes monitoring points for both conventional and characteristic pollutants, a multi-level monitoring network with appropriately configured instruments, and the establishment of park area pollutant diffusion simulation and trend analysis models. It also involves the development of an atmospheric environment quality monitoring and early warning work platform for the park. This provides a scientific foundation for integrating digital emergency plans and constructing park atmospheric environment quality management and emergency decision-making commands.



Construction Details
1. Monitoring Points and Factors
The monitoring points include pollution sources, park boundaries, and surrounding environmentally sensitive protection targets. The pollution source monitoring encompasses both organized and unorganized emission sources (within factory boundaries). The system integrates data from a variety of site types and monitoring factors.

2. Pollution Source Monitoring

The monitoring of atmospheric pollution sources in the park includes risk points such as storage tanks, and online monitoring and control of both organized and unorganized emission sources.

3. Park Boundary

In this project, long-path equipment is utilized for boundary monitoring. Based on the principles of the instruments and the characteristics of the park, the boundary monitoring factors include benzene, toluene, xylene, and other benzene compounds, as well as characteristic pollutants such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrochloric acid, olefins, aldehydes, and ketones.
4. Park Video Surveillance System
To monitor the environmental conditions at key monitoring points in the park in real-time, video surveillance is established at all key monitoring points, including factory boundaries, park boundaries, the park itself, and the air center station.
5. Park Environmental Monitoring, Control, and Early Warning System
The digital platform for monitoring and controlling the park's atmospheric environment enables real-time querying and management of pollution source and ambient air online monitoring data. It allows for timely and convenient querying and visual output of various monitoring information, and provides thematic analysis, mapping, and information services for monitoring and control information.


| Highlights of the Case

● Environmental One Map: This feature allows for the display of various environmental monitoring data, real-time emission data from pollution sources, and real-time video of pollution sources, all on a single map.

● Atmospheric pollution dispersion and source tracing model.

● Real-time monitoring and early warning of pollutants in the park.

● Platform-Based: All systems are established on a unified platform, ensuring seamless integration and operation.


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