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Sichuan Province Wusheng County Township Sewage Plant Pollutant Discharge Online Monitoring System Project

Time:2024-04-20 17:17:46                Reading:11647

| Project Introduction

This project primarily conducts real-time online monitoring of 20 township sewage treatment plants under the jurisdiction of Wusheng County. The online monitoring system comprises online monitoring equipment (including COD, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, PH) distributed at monitoring points across each township sewage treatment plant, a data control system, a pollution source data monitoring platform, and a high-definition video monitoring system. The system possesses data statistics, processing, receipt, and transmission capabilities, enabling real-time transmission of pertinent monitoring data to the online monitoring center and higher-level environmental protection departments. It supports a mobile APP for real-time data queries, aiding environmental departments in understanding the pollutant discharge situation of sewage treatment plants. It also assists grassroots regulatory personnel in utilizing online monitoring data for enforcement work.




| Highlights of the Case

● The project offers an online monitoring data platform to oversee the operation and emission statistics of equipment, implement data report management and GIS site analysis, manage monitoring facilities at different points and times via SMS, and accomplish all-weather video visualization monitoring functions for key parts and equipment.

● The system, being compact and highly integrated, saves station space and exhibits excellent openness and scalability. It is easy to maintain and upgrade, supports remote online upgrades, and meets the requirements of intelligent water quality online monitoring systems and the Internet of Things.

● It supports a mobile APP function for real-time online data queries, enabling dynamic display of real-time and historical data. Normal, exceeding, and offline pollution sources can be viewed freely, with special alerts for exceeding pollutants.


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