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Shenzhen Water Affairs Grid-based Water Quality Monitoring Project

Time:2024-04-20 17:16:10                Reading:12610

| Project Introduction
To ensure the stability of the data from the Shenzhen River's national station and manage the tracing of abnormal data, Shenzhen Water Affairs established the Shenzhen River River Control Grid-based Water Quality Monitoring Project upstream of the Huanggang River Gate. The project involves a micro water quality monitoring station, with monitoring parameters that include conventional five parameters, a CODcr analyzer, an ammonia nitrogen analyzer, total phosphorus, and total nitrogen.



| Highlights of the Case

● The project employs a one-square-meter micro monitoring station, addressing the issue of urban land acquisition.

● It boasts comprehensive full-process quality control functionality.

● The equipment is fully integrated at the factory, and direct hoisting is utilized on-site, thereby shortening the construction period.


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