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Shanwei City Pollution Control One Map Project

Time:2024-04-23 13:08:22                Reading:321

The company has undertaken the Shanwei City Pollution Control One Map project. This project establishes a city-level pollution control data integration system. It integrates environmental monitoring data and regulatory data for a unified display across various aspects such as water environment, air environment, marine environment, noise environment, soil environment, environmental pollution sources, solid waste management, environmental emergency, environmental infrastructure, and the "three lines and one list". This provides comprehensive data aggregation and business support for management departments. The project fully integrates, shares, and utilizes existing ecological and environmental information resources. It applies technologies such as the "Internet of Things", "big data analysis", and GIS to construct a Shanwei City ecological environment pollution control "One Map" application platform. The project organizes both dynamic and static data generated from daily ecological and environmental management by the Shanwei City Ecological Environment Bureau. Through thematic databases, an environmental "One Map", comprehensive environmental data analysis display, business system display, system configuration, and system report integration, it addresses challenges in ecological environment decision-making, such as unclear current situations, unknown basic data, and unspecified causes. This approach perfects all-around environmental supervision. It assists leaders in quickly understanding the current ecological environmental status and future trends of the city, providing a decision-making basis for pollution control.


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