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BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES Chairman He Yuanping Awarded the Legendary Board Secretary Medal

Time:2023-11-20 00:00:00                Reading:2837

Recently, the Second Ship and Maritime Finance Forum and the 2023 Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Development Forum, hosted by China CSSC Holdings Limited, took place on China's first domestically built large cruise ship, the "Adora Magic City". Over 150 executives from listed companies nationwide attended the event. BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's Chairman, He Yuanping, was invited to the event and was awarded the Legendary Board Secretary Medal at the concurrent award ceremony.

He Yuanping was conferred with the Legendary Board Secretary Medal in his capacity as the founder and chairman of BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES and the former board secretary of OriginWater, in recognition of his status as a renowned entrepreneur in China. From leading OriginWater to achieve high-quality green development, to founding BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES and successfully listing it on the science and technology innovation board, He Yuanping's entrepreneurial journey of eighteen years, during which he accompanied five companies to list both domestically and internationally, has led and inspired many in the industry, earning him widespread respect.

Prior to leading BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES, He Yuanping was one of the core founders of OriginWater and served as the board secretary for a long time. He was also a member of the Sixth Growth Enterprises Market Issuance Review Committee of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, was selected for the Fixed Income Committee of the Securities Association of China, initiated the establishment of the Board Secretary Club and served as its president, among other roles.These achievements have earned him a distinguished reputation and prestige in the industry.

In recent years, under He Yuanping's leadership, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES has targeted digital transformation, forming five major business sectors: digital ecology, digital water conservancy, digital agriculture, city digital management, and public safety big data. It has steadily implemented a digital full-industry chain strategy. On August 9 of this year, He Yuanping led BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES to successfully list on the science and technology innovation board. In the future, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES will continue to develop digital application scenarios, making positive contributions to China's national development strategy for industrial digitalization.

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