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Adhering to the Direction of Digital Development in the Industry, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES Signing Strategic Cooperation Agreement with Shenzhen China Mobile

Time:2023-11-27 00:00:00                Reading:2736

On November 24, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES and Shenzhen China Mobile, a subsidiary of China Mobile Communications Group Guangdong Co., Ltd., signed a strategic cooperation agreement. This marks a significant step forward in their future deep technical cooperation in the construction of digital computing power centers and data centers in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, as well as in the fields of the Internet of Things, cloud platforms, and big data applications. This cooperation holds significant importance for BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES in accelerating its strategic layout in multiple industries and cross-domain product digital applications such as ecological monitoring, water conservancy and water affairs, digital agriculture, city operations, and grassroots governance. It also aids in building a complete industrial chain strategy and providing multidimensional digital services for customers. The signing ceremony was attended by BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's Chairman He Yuanping, Deputy General Managers Qiu Zhigang and Zhang Tao, and Shenzhen China Mobile's Deputy General Manager Guo Mingjie, alongside other leaders.

Since the 20th CPC National Congress report made important arrangements to accelerate the construction of a digital China, governments at all levels and various industries have successively prioritized the implementation of digital transformation strategies. This year's "Overall Plan for the Construction of Digital China" also clearly proposes to drive the transformation of production, life, and governance methods with digitalization. The digital economy has emerged as a key force in stabilizing growth and promoting development in China.

As a trailblazer in the field of digital applications in China, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES has long been dedicated to the independent development of technologies in the Internet of Things sensing layer, which includes scientific instruments and sensing devices, and the field of big data. It is committed to building industry-intelligent applications and technical services for everything sensing and interconnected. It has achieved a digital full industry chain from the sensing layer to the data layer, and then to the industry intelligence application layer. This provides comprehensive solutions for customers' digital industry applications and has been widely applied in thousands of key projects at the national, provincial, and corporate levels. This makes it a leading digital sensing enterprise in the fields of ecological environment, water conservancy and water affairs, and public safety in China.

Shenzhen China Mobile is comprehensively implementing the "5G+" plan, vigorously promoting 5G+4G (co-development), 5G+AICDE (an integration and innovative fusion of Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Edge Computing), 5G+Ecology (ecosystem co-construction), and 5G+X (application extension). It is actively collaborating with government and enterprise customers to provide dedicated lines, IoT, IDC, ICT, and other informational services. It is creating benchmark applications such as smart grids, smart transportation, smart ports, and high-definition video applications, and is fully driving the integration of 5G services into various industries.



With the signing of this strategic cooperation agreement, both parties will utilize information technology as a cornerstone to explore the construction of Artificial Intelligence computing power platforms, large-capacity low-power intelligent storage systems, and universal service infrastructure for computing power. They will jointly expand the large model technology industry ecosystem and strengthen deep cooperation in network resources, informational services, channel resources, technological innovation, talent teams, etc. They are fully advancing innovation and development in digital ecology, digital water conservancy, digital agriculture, city digital management, public safety big data, and other fields.

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