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Total Nickel Water Quality Online Monitor

  • Description: After the water sample is digested, the nickel ions in the sample react with the color reagent to form a colored, stable, soluble complex. The concentration of nickel is then calculated through photometric measurement at a specific wavelength and computational processing.

● The instrument is miniaturized and highly integrated, with a size only slightly larger than a computer mainframe, making it easy to transport and install

● A variety of digestion methods and combinations of masking agents can mask a variety of interfering factors to ensure accurate measurement of water samples from different industries

● Platform and modular design, easy to maintain and quickly repair, more than 95% of the modules are universal

● Networked quality control functions, remote standard sample verification, remote monitoring of instrument status and remote online software upgrades

● Low reagent consumption and low waste liquid discharge, saving operating costs

● The entire piping system is made of corrosion-resistant materials and is designed for forward maintenance, which reduces the failure rate, maintenance requirements and extends the service life

● Automatic/manual/network remote measurement, cleaning and calibration

● Fault alarm, reagent level warning, power-on self-check, power-off protection

● Imported touch screen, Chinese interface display, complete user rights management

● Support 4-20mA, RS232, RS485 communication interfaces and MODBUS communication methods


● Online monitoring of surface water (rivers, lakes)

● Online monitoring of wastewater in industries, such as petrochemicals, mining, chemical industry, metallurgy, and electroplating

● Online monitoring of domestic sewage

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