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  • Stationary Groundwater Automatic Monitoring System

    The Stationary Groundwater Automatic Monitoring System is a newly developed product by BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES. It leverages years of accumulated expertise in automatic water quality monitoring and groundwater research projects. The system comprises an automatic groundwater sampling and well washing unit, a pretreatment and water distribution unit, an analysis unit, a control unit, and a data collection and transmission unit.

  • Stationary Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station

    Designed for sites with good conditions for building stations. The system meets all the technical requirements for the standardized construction of national water quality automatic stations.

  • Ambient Air Quality Automatic Monitoring System

    The Ambient Air Quality Automatic Monitoring System utilizes advanced optical and chromatographic analysis techniques. It is capable of performing 24-hour continuous automatic monitoring of pollutants such as PM2.5, PM10, NOx, SO2, O3, CO, and NMHC in the Ambient air. The system is characterized by strong compatibility, a high degree of intelligence, and stable performance. It meets the technical standards required by the national Ambient air automatic monitoring system.

  • Ecological Noise Automatic Monitoring System

    The ecological noise automatic monitoring system is an ecological noise measurement device based on the perception of irritability. The system configuration is based on the noise measurement module based on the equivalent sound level and the noise measurement module based on the subjective irritability, which realizes the automatic online monitoring of the equivalent sound level of the ambient sound and the ambient noise level (based on the subjective irritability of the human body and the noise value after removing the influence of the natural sound source). At the same time, it can be extended with video monitoring modules, meteorological modules, traffic flow recording modules, etc.

  • Containerized Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station

    Designed for scenarios where fixed permanent station buildings are subject to approval and restricted construction land, or where the location of the station may be adjusted or changed. After the site is leveled, the project can be quickly implemented. After completion, it can also be easily moved and placed. The construction cost of the station building is relatively low, and different specifications can be customized according to the specific situation of the site (containers of 8/10/15 square meters are optional).

  • Outdoor Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station

    The highly integrated automatic water quality monitoring system based on the national standard monitoring method is mainly applicable to small and medium rivers, tributaries, streams, urban waterways, etc., where the land available for use is small and the monitoring section may be adjusted.


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