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  • Micro Outdoor Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station

    The micro water quality automatic monitoring product, which was developed in response to the current water quality monitoring application scenarios, such as high-density deployment, low cost, miniaturization, and simplification, effectively solves the current explosive demand for low-cost water quality automatic monitoring and the need for fine-grained supervision of the river chief system.

  • Portable Groundwater Sampling and Well Washing System

    The BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES Portable Groundwater Automatic Well Washing and Sampling System comprises a sampling pump, a multiparameter water quality analyzer, a water level meter, a well depth meter, a sampling pump controller, and a mobile power supply. The product is designed to be practical, reliable, economical, and easy to operate and maintain. It offers low operational maintenance costs and ensures safe and straightforward operation. It fully meets the new national standards for groundwater sampling and analysis.

  • Buoy-mounted Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station

    It uses a stable and reliable optical and electrochemical sensor system that is not affected by the weather, and uses a data acquisition and GPRS wireless transmission system platform that has been tested for many years and operates stably and efficiently. It can be placed in lakes, rivers, and offshore areas to measure various ecological water quality parameters, providing an environmental monitoring information network for various fields such as monitoring of drinking water sources, real-time monitoring of surface water, monitoring of water quality in offshore aquaculture, and ecological assessment of water bodies. It provides real-time monitoring data for various parameters for environmental management and decision-making departments, and can also perform remote on-site data queries, report generation and data analysis.

  • Buoyant Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station

    For application scenarios where there is no mains power supply or no conditions for setting up a station, the in-situ national standard method can be used to monitor the water quality at fixed points and multiple points. It is especially suitable for water quality monitoring in reservoirs, lakes and at multiple points.

  • Ambient Air Carbon Monitoring System

    The BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES AQMS-6030 is an ambient air carbon monitoring system that employs advanced quantitative optical analysis technology.

  • Ambient Air NMHC Monitoring System

    The BX-VMS-5000 is an Ambient air non-methane hydrocarbon (NMHC) monitoring system that uses a direct method. It offers good stability, high sensitivity, safety, and reliability.


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