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Buoy-mounted Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station

  • Description:It uses a stable and reliable optical and electrochemical sensor system that is not affected by the weather, and uses a data acquisition and GPRS wireless transmission system platform that has been tested for many years and operates stably and efficiently. It can be placed in lakes, rivers, and offshore areas to measure various ecological water quality parameters, providing an environmental monitoring information network for various fields such as monitoring of drinking water sources, real-time monitoring of surface water, monitoring of water quality in offshore aquaculture, and ecological assessment of water bodies. It provides real-time monitoring data for various parameters for environmental management and decision-making departments, and can also perform remote on-site data queries, report generation and data analysis.

● The buoy body has a low center of gravity design for greater stability and reliability

● The surface layer of the buoy body has excellent water resistance, weather resistance and corrosion resistance

● Resistant to seawater and atmospheric corrosion, high temperature, strong sunlight, long-lasting color retention, not easily faded, high gloss, good navigation performance

● The buoy is light in weight, which is convenient for installation, maintenance, transportation and deployment

● It has a certain degree of anti-sinking and sufficient anti-capsizing ability

● Modular design, strong scalability

● Supports GPRS/CDMA, satellite and other communication methods

● The sensor has an automatic cleaning device built in, which requires very little maintenance.


● Unattended areas such as rivers and channels  

● Real-time online early warning for lakes and reservoirs

● Aquaculture water quality monitoring

● Monitoring of effluent discharge points into rivers

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