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Portable Groundwater Sampling and Well Washing System

  • Description:The BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES Portable Groundwater Automatic Well Washing and Sampling System comprises a sampling pump, a multiparameter water quality analyzer, a water level meter, a well depth meter, a sampling pump controller, and a mobile power supply. The product is designed to be practical, reliable, economical, and easy to operate and maintain. It offers low operational maintenance costs and ensures safe and straightforward operation. It fully meets the new national standards for groundwater sampling and analysis.
  • Meets the requirements of the new national groundwater well sampling standards HJ1019-2019 and HJ164-2020

  • Achieve high-flow rapid well washing and low-flow sampling

  • Automatic well washing and sampling functions

  • One-button operation, simple and convenient

  • Meets the sampling requirements of wells of different depths, up to 300 meters or more

  • Sampling flow rate adjustment function

  • Calculation of the monitoring well volume, washing volume and sampling volume

  • Calculation of the monitoring well backwater rate


Groundwater Monitoring

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