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Micro Outdoor Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station

  • Description:The micro water quality automatic monitoring product, which was developed in response to the current water quality monitoring application scenarios, such as high-density deployment, low cost, miniaturization, and simplification, effectively solves the current explosive demand for low-cost water quality automatic monitoring and the need for fine-grained supervision of the river chief system.

● Short construction period and simple on-site engineering

● Easy to move and rebuild in a different location

● Highly integrated, 1㎡ footprint

● Low cost, suitable for large-scale distribution

● New industrial design appearance

● Complete quality control functions throughout the entire process

● State-of-the-art design

● Various operating modes (normal, emergency, quality control, etc.)

● Intelligent temperature control system for outdoor use


● Water quality monitoring at sewage outfalls into rivers, streams and the sea

● Water quality monitoring of tributaries and rivers

● Water quality monitoring of drainage networks

● Urban river water quality monitoring

● Grid-based water quality monitoring

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