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Outdoor Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station

  • Description:The highly integrated automatic water quality monitoring system based on the national standard monitoring method is mainly applicable to small and medium rivers, tributaries, streams, urban waterways, etc., where the land available for use is small and the monitoring section may be adjusted.

● Short construction period and simple on-site engineering

● Easy to move and rebuild in a different location

● Highly integrated, with a footprint of 2 m

● New industrial design appearance

● Complete quality control functions throughout the entire process

● State-of-the-art design

● Various operating modes (normal, emergency, quality control, etc.)

● Intelligent temperature control system for outdoor use


● Water quality monitoring at sewage outfalls into rivers, streams and the sea

● Water quality monitoring of tributaries and rivers

● Water quality monitoring of drainage networks

● Urban river water quality monitoring

● Grid-based water quality monitoring

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