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Containerized Water Quality Automatic Monitoring Station

  • Description:Designed for scenarios where fixed permanent station buildings are subject to approval and restricted construction land, or where the location of the station may be adjusted or changed. After the site is leveled, the project can be quickly implemented. After completion, it can also be easily moved and placed. The construction cost of the station building is relatively low, and different specifications can be customized according to the specific situation of the site (containers of 8/10/15 square meters are optional).

● Short construction period and simple on-site engineering

● Convenient front maintenance operation design

● Easy to move and rebuild in a different location

● Complete quality control functions throughout the entire process

● Customized station appearance

● Cutting-edge technical specifications

● Innovative water station integration

● Diverse operating modes (normal, emergency, quality control, etc.)

● New industrial design appearance


● Surface water (rivers, lakes, reservoirs), drinking water source water quality assessment and monitoring

● Water quality monitoring in water functional areas of the water industry

● Monitoring of water quality in the estuary and brackish water area

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