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Ecological Noise Automatic Monitoring System

  • Description:The ecological noise automatic monitoring system is an ecological noise measurement device based on the perception of irritability. The system configuration is based on the noise measurement module based on the equivalent sound level and the noise measurement module based on the subjective irritability, which realizes the automatic online monitoring of the equivalent sound level of the ambient sound and the ambient noise level (based on the subjective irritability of the human body and the noise value after removing the influence of the natural sound source). At the same time, it can be extended with video monitoring modules, meteorological modules, traffic flow recording modules, etc.

System composition


The system is equipped with noise measurement modules that operate based on equivalent noise levels and subjective annoyance, enabling the automatic online monitoring of ambient sound equivalent levels and ambient noise levels (noise values based on human subjective annoyance and excluding the influence of natural sound sources). Additionally, the system can be expanded with modules for video surveillance, meteorology, and traffic flow recording.

Product module diagram



● Noise level measurement function based on human irritability

● Provides ambient sound pressure level measurement function

● Provides data such as LAeq, LApeak, LAmax, LAmin, L10, L50, L90, Ld, and Ln

● Can be extended to include video surveillance, weather monitoring, traffic monitoring, etc.

● Supports recording, photographing and videoing of noise-exceeding events

● Supports wired and wireless transmission, cross-level transmission and multi-point transmission, and supports HJ212 and HJ660 dual-protocol communication

● Supports automatic alarm for abnormal conditions, resumable data transmission and remote data recall, and is powered by a variety of methods, including independent solar power

● Supports wide-temperature operation, with an IP55 protection rating, meeting the needs of continuous and stable outdoor operation in all weather conditions

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