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Pollution Source Water Quality Online Monitoring System

  • Description:The self-developed online monitoring system for water pollution sources has complete independent intellectual property rights and is suitable for emission monitoring and process monitoring in various harsh environments and working conditions, targeting the characteristics of wastewater discharged by industries such as urban sewage treatment, hospitals and industrial enterprises.

● Compact and flexible: one of the smallest meters in the industry, requiring little space in the station building and allowing flexible and efficient installation

● Simple interface design: Simple and user-friendly interface design, "dumb" maintenance, and simple training to operate the meter

● Modular design: Modular and component-based design, high integration, easy to operate and maintain, direct replacement on site

● Support customized requirements: The equipment is independently developed and supports customized requirements to meet local policy requirements

● Low reagent consumption: trace measurement ensures low reagent consumption, low waste liquid production and low disposal costs

● Easy maintenance and reliable quality: the entire pipeline is made of corrosion-resistant materials, with forward maintenance, low failure rate and low maintenance

● Supports remote maintenance and has a favorable total life cycle cost


The product is extensively used in various sectors, including market sewage, landfill leachate, medical hazardous waste, parks, petroleum petrochemicals, food, pharmaceuticals, and mining.

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