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At BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES, we ensure that every employee has a clear career development and growth plan to ensure that everyone will make their own contributions to the company and society after joining BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES. The company has invested a lot of resources to provide employees with continuous training from various perspectives such as pre-job training, on-the-job training and management training, so as to help employees grow and improve and help them be more competent for their work.

Training principle
1. Learn with the attitude of a professional manager
2. professional knowledge and management knowledge training is equally important
3. Provide training according to business requirements
4. Pay attention to employees' skills improvement and career development
5. Learning begins with practice and action
6. Pay attention to details
7. Focus on the improvement of the team's overall performance

Training content
New employee training
The company conducts training for new employees in the aspects of enterprise development history and overview, corporate culture, business philosophy, management mode, employee behavior norms, employee mental shaping and basic rules and regulations, so that new employees can understand the company as soon as possible and smoothly enter the job role.
1. Introduce company culture and development strategy
2. Introduce company rules and regulations and job responsibilities
3. Improve the comprehensive ability and knowledge of employees
4. Improve the professional skills and performance of employees
5. Enhance the enthusiasm of the team

On-the-job staff training
According to the long-term strategic goals and business development needs, the company has established a systematic training course system for each position, and regularly and irregularly arranged different forms of training programs, such as: technical training, basic management skills training, academic exchange meetings, lectures, salons, etc. At the same time, different special training are set up according to key positions, such as project manager special training, engineering laboratory personnel special training, sales personnel special training, etc., more targeted course Settings.
1. Team building training
2. Management skills training
3. Professional knowledge training

A complete curriculum system
From a new employee to a leader in the management channel or a specialist in the technical channel, there are multiple levels of job change; Every time an employee faces a new role and position, the company has corresponding courses and training methods to help employees complete the role transformation and new skill requirements.


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