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Gathering Strength and Creating Brilliance Again – BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's 2024 Spring Festival Gala (Award Ceremony) Successfully Held

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On February 23, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's 2024 Spring Festival Gala (Award Ceremony) grandly commenced at the Anthea-Hotel in Shenzhen. Over 200 BESCIENT personnel, including all Shenzhen staff and leaders of various subsidiaries, gathered in Shenzhen to jointly celebrating this auspicious occasion!


01 Commands Firm as Mountains, Mission Always Achieved


The gala commenced with department heads solemnly signing mission orders, setting performance targets for the new year. The signing of mission orders is not just a promise but a heavy responsibility. It embodies the unyielding resolve: "We shall not give up until Loulan is conquered".


The signing of mission orders serves as both an inspiration and a responsibility. We firmly believe that under the leadership of Chairman He Yuanping and Co-Chairman cum General Manager Zhu Xinning, and with the collective efforts of everyone, the performance targets of each department will be achieved punctually, and with assured quality and quantity.


02 Adorned with Glory, Tribute to Role Models

Behind every accomplishment and honor of BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES lies a reflection of the BESCIENT people's perseverance. To recognize excellence, set up role models, and inspire exceptional employees to persist in their pursuit of excellence, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES conducted its annual award ceremony. The gala unveiled the annual excellence awards and bestowed awards for remarkable achievements, exceptional employees, special contributions, a decade of dedication, and the IPO team, with the company's management conferring the awards to the recipients.



They confronted challenges with unity, assisted each other, brainstormed solutions to obstacles, and addressed obstacles systematically, fully exemplifying the company's culture of aggressive wolf pack team spirit.



They are proactive, disciplined, seasoned, and possess exceptional professional skills, each serving as a role model for us to emulate.



They exhibit resolute determination and confront difficulties directly, demonstrating their prowess on the marketing frontline and achieving impressive results in market competition.



Every journey commences with a single step, and waves originate from ripples. With a decade of steadfast commitment and tireless endeavor, they have devoted their prime years to our shared cause.



Throughout the IPO process, they worked assiduously and tirelessly, guiding the team to meticulously manage every detail of the entire IPO project, culminating in ultimate success.



The award recipients shared their work experiences and acceptance speeches on stage, expressing their gratitude towards the company. They hoped that every BESCIENT individual could witness the BESCIENT spirit within them and derive inspiration from these exemplary individuals.



03 Songs and Dances Radiate Brightly

The gala featured performances from BESCIENT individuals from accross the country, with departments presenting a diverse array of exceptional acts, encompassing traditional arts and contemporary, stylish dances. They graced the stage, radiating brilliance.


With the achievements of the past year, we embark on new chapters filled with boundless enthusiasm. In the resonating voice of the host, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's 2024 Spring Festival Gala (Award Ceremony) drew to a close. Reflecting on the past, we've braved storms together and battled side by side. Looking ahead, we pursue our dreams, setting sail collectively for new accomplishments. In 2024, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES will consistently maintain an enthusiastic, pragmatic, and innovative mindset, guided by market trends and propelled by technological advancements, to steadily progress in all aspects of work throughout the year.

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