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Solidifying the Management Team to Drive Goal Achievement - BESCIENT Academy Officially Starting Classes

Time:2024-02-25 00:00:00                Reading:946


On February 22, BESCIENT Academy officially started its classes. BESCIENT Academy is dedicated to nurturing mid-to-senior level management personnel with a spirit of determination and progress, comprehensive business acumen, and exceptional strategic execution capabilities, thereby providing the company with a pipeline of internal talent. The inauguration of this year's classes signifies the initiation of the company's talent empowerment strategy and the beginning of human capital appreciation. To enhance the leadership capabilities of mid-to-high-level management personnel, build organizational competitiveness, and ensure the achievement of the 2024 operational goals, the company organized a closed-door training for mid-to-high-level management personnel themed "Solidifying the Management Team to Drive Goal Achievement". The training was conducted using a combination of online and offline methods, with over 150 mid-to-high-level management personnel from various departments participating in this training.



The company's Chairman and Honorary Dean of BESCIENT Academy, He Yuanping, delivered a presentation on the topic of "Strategies for Cultivating a Cohesive Team". He emphasized that operation and management are the dual cornerstones of running a successful business. Furthermore, he identified the three most critical elements in business management as maintaining market competitiveness, fostering advanced innovation, and ensuring robust support for both market and innovation through effective management. Building on these three elements, Chairman He delivered an extensive and accessible presentation. He believes that in today's competitive environment, amidst economic downturns and market transformations, top leadership talent is the key to success. A company's management team must enhance its own management capabilities, employ scientific methods to manage work, and use tools to achieve performance goals. Managers must learn to engage proactively, setting team goals, teaching specific methods, clarifying responsibilities and objectives, reviewing processes and outcomes, and rewarding timely. This approach becomes the core driving force for enterprise development, continuously improving team performance, and striving to increase corporate profits.


After absorbing Chairman He's presentation, the attendees expressed that they had gained profound insights and subsequently shared their learning experiences. Many participants noted that the chairman's content was both theoretically profound and thoughtfully deep, linking to actual work and life in a vivid and thorough manner. After learning about the management training course from the chairman, they deeply felt the importance of enhancing management competencies. In their future work, they will continue to elevate their ideological understanding, scrutinize their shortcomings, strive for progress, enhance their learning ability, lead by example, and take the initiative.



Subsequently, the company's Co-Chairman, General Manager, and Honorary Dean of BESCIENT Academy, Zhu Xinning, delivered a presentation on the theme "Embarking on a New Journey of Strategic Goals with Pragmatic Innovation as Dual Drive". Zhu began by deconstructing the 2024 marketing strategic goals into tasks, outlining the operational blueprint to achieve these goals: pragmatism and innovation. General Manager Zhu, using clear and concise language and vivid, detailed examples, underscored the importance of team building and the development of managerial capabilities. He set different expectations for senior, middle, and grassroots managers. He emphasized that managers should learn how to maintain their ability to think, communicate, and execute in complex situations, continuously learn, enhance their wisdom, and with a humble and diligent attitude, persistently strive for excellence and reach the pinnacle of their careers.


The training session incorporated various forms of interactive games to fully engage participants' initiative and participation, stimulating their cognitive and creative abilities. Participants in each group actively engaged in discussions and were eager to express their views, deepening everyone's understanding of the course content. This also allowed those who were not present to experience the lively discussion and positive interactive learning atmosphere at the meeting.


The two training sessions provided company managers with effective strategies for team management and self-management, deepened the level of corporate management, and contributed to the company's steady and long-term progress. What role will BESCIENT Academy play in the future, what value will it create for the company, and what significance will it have? Moving forward, BESCIENT Academy will continue to offer a rich array of high-quality learning resources, playing a pivotal role in talent incubation, promoting talent development and progress, thereby supporting the implementation of the company's strategic initiatives.

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