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New Year's Day Celebration Across Four Cities, Endless Splendor in the Cloud | BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's New Year's Party Successfully Concluded

Time:2023-12-31 00:00:00                Reading:987

On December 28, BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's headquarters was imbued with a festive and celebratory atmosphere. In celebration of the upcoming New Year, to foster stronger bonds and unity among employees, and to enhance their sense of cohesion and belonging, a grand New Year's gala and fourth-quarter employee birthday celebration were inaugurated! This event was orchestrated by BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's Human Resources Department, co-organized by the General Management Office, and conducted synchronously both online and offline in collaboration with subsidiaries in Beijing, Xi'an, Yunnan, and other locations. BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's Chairman, He Yuanping, delivered the opening address online, while General Manager Zhu Xinning gave a speech at the physical event venue.


He Yuanping extended New Year blessings to all employees and expressed heartfelt gratitude for their diligent efforts over the past year. He articulated his hope that all BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES employees would maintain a positive and forward-looking attitude in the new year, courageously strive for continuous progress and breakthroughs, contribute their individual strengths to the company's development, and collectively usher in an even brighter future!

Zhu Xinning, speaking at the event venue, encouraged every BESCIENT individual in the new year to keep pace with the company's progress, actively contribute to the company's development under the correct guidance of the company's leadership, overcome challenges, unite and collaborate, and assuredly realize the company's ambitious goals for robust development!

Leaders from BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's subsidiaries in Beijing, Xi'an, and Yunnan each delivered New Year speeches, reflecting on the past and envisioning the future, extending additional hopes and blessings for the company's development in the new year.


The gala was brimming with exciting activities, offering not only a variety of interactive games for everyone but also specially prepared birthday cakes and gifts for employees celebrating birthdays in the fourth quarter. Employees participated enthusiastically, their faces lit up with joy, creating a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Additionally, a lottery draw was held, filling everyone with anticipation as they participated in the draw, enjoying joyful moments together and creating cherished memories.

As time flies, the radiant year of 2023 is drawing to a close, and the hopeful and challenging year of 2024 is quietly approaching. Looking forward to the future, we are filled with confidence and passion. In the upcoming year, the BESCIENT team will continue to strive for excellence and constantly surpass themselves. Regardless of the challenges and changes we face, we will maintain a spirit of perseverance and ambition, join hands to embark on a new journey, and collectively pursue success and dreams!

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