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Water Quality Emergency Monitoring Vehicle

  • Description:BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's Water Quality Emergency Mobile Monitoring Vehicle is designed and manufactured according to laboratory standards. It adopts a multifunctional, modular design concept and serves as a three-in-one concept vehicle offering water quality emergency monitoring, automatic monitoring, and fixed monitoring station comparison. The vehicle provides efficient, rapid, and maneuverable comprehensive mobile testing and real-time monitoring platforms for environmental and water departments. It has excellent off-road performance and mobility, is equipped with a laboratory platform, and integrates specialized vehicle-mounted rapid testing and monitoring operation equipment. It meets the needs of environmental business and other monitoring departments for rapid on-site monitoring of water pollution incidents and temporary testing, enhancing the capability of emergency response and on-site enforcement. The emergency mobile monitoring vehicle consists of a loading platform system, water quality monitoring system, manual experiment operation system, power supply system, and auxiliary systems (video unit, outdoor lighting, air conditioning system unit, GPS positioning, etc.).● Flexible monitoring parameter switching: Modular combination design allows for a variety of test parameter combinations.

● Flexible monitoring parameter switching: Modular combination design allows for a variety of test parameter combinations

● Unattended automatic monitoring: sampling, sample retention data upload, etc. are automatically performed by the system, and different monitoring modes can be used for different water bodies

● GPS positioning: Optional GPS global satellite positioning and geographic information systems can be used to track the position and travel route of the monitoring vehicle in real time, making it suitable for special applications

● Power supply modes: three power supply modes are available, including external power supply, UPS power supply and vehicle generator power supply, to ensure the all-weather emergency monitoring needs of the monitoring vehicle

● Wireless video transmission: Equipped with a video acquisition and transmission system, it can provide real-time feedback on the work situation on site

● Process log and status identification: can record the working status of each unit in real time to form a process log and determine whether it is abnormal data in real time

● Mobile laboratory: equipped with professional physical and chemical test benches, automatic water faucets, water tanks, waste liquid collection boxes, utensil boxes, constant temperature storage rooms, etc.


● Pollution incident emergency monitoring

● Standard water station comparison monitoring

● Temporary fixed-point monitoring

● Pollution source tracing monitoring

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