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IoT-Enabled Grid Water Quality Monitoring Station

  • Description:The IoT Water Quality Grid Monitoring Station is designed to cater to the fine monitoring and regulation needs of surface water. It employs green and clean sensor technology and automatically uploads data to the cloud platform via low power consumption, low latency, and broad coverage intelligent wireless communication methods like 5G, thereby creating a high-density water quality sensor monitoring network. The monitoring factors can be flexibly configured. The system is compact and cost-effective, making it suitable for grid-based, dense, and refined deployment requirements.

● Small size (pole-mounted), easy to install, strong functionality, low cost, no need to acquire land

● The product can be widely used in urban black and odorous water monitoring, water quality grid monitoring, etc.

● Video surveillance system, real-time observation of the surrounding environment

● Supports power supply methods such as mains electricity, solar power, and wind power to meet different environmental conditions

● The cabinet uses air convection design to meet normal working conditions in high outdoor temperatures

● Continuous, real-time and accurate monitoring of water quality changes in the target water area, sentry-style early warning and forecasting

● The instrument and system can operate stably for a long time, require little maintenance, are free of reagent pollution, and are energy-saving and environmentally friendly

● Supports 4G, 5G, NB-IOT, Beidou and other transmission methods


● Monitoring of urban black and odorous water bodies

● Urban drainage network monitoring

● Pollution discharge monitoring in rivers and streams

● Grid-based water quality monitoring

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