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Ammonia Nitrogen Water Quality Online Monitor

  • Description:The C310 Ammonia Nitrogen Water Quality Online Monitor, independently developed by BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES, conforms to the "Technical specifications and test procedures for water quality on-line automatic monitoring equipment of ammonia" (HJ 101-2019) set by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China. It has also obtained the China Environmental Protection Product Certification Certificate issued by the China Association of Environmental Protection Industry (Beijing) Certification Center.

● The instrument is small in size, easy to transport, flexible to install, and can be installed by one person

● Platform and modular design, easy to maintain and quickly repair, more than 95% of the modules are universal

● The entire piping system is made of corrosion-resistant materials and is designed for forward maintenance, which means low failure rates, less maintenance and a longer service life

● Networked quality control functions, remote standard sample verification, remote monitoring of instrument status and remote online software upgrades

● Low reagent consumption, reagent level monitoring and early warning, prompt customer to replace reagents

● Automatic/manual/network remote measurement, cleaning and calibration

● Fault alarm, reagent level warning, power-on self-check, power-off protection

● Imported touch screen, Chinese interface display, and perfect user rights management

● Support 4-20mA, RS232, RS485 communication interfaces and MODBUS communication methods


● Monitoring surface water (excluding Class I), urban sewage treatment plants, and groundwater (Class IV and V)

● Online monitoring of drinking water (drinking water sources, tap water, and groundwater)

● Online monitoring of industrial wastewater discharge from industries such as the pharmaceutical industry, petrochemical industry, paper industry, textile industry, metallurgy, electroplating, and food

● Online monitoring of domestic sewage

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