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Ammonia Nitrogen Water Quality Automatic Analyzer (Ammonia Gas Sensing Electrode Method)

  • Description:The E310 Ammonia Nitrogen Water Quality Automatic Analyzer, developed independently by BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES, utilizes the ammonia gas sensing electrode method to measure the ammonia nitrogen content in water. This analyzer meets the standard requirements of the "Technical specifications and test procedures for water quality on-line automatic monitoring equipment of ammonia" (HJ/T 101-2003) set by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China. It also satisfies the detection needs for ammonia nitrogen limit values in surface water as per the "Environmental quality standard for surface water" (GB 3838-2002). The analyzer employs the ammonia gas-sensitive electrode method.

● Wide measurement range, strong anti-interference ability, not limited by water type (measurement range 0.03~1000mg/L, suitable for monitoring ammonia nitrogen in surface water, wastewater, drinking water, etc.)

● Uses imported ammonia sensitive electrodes, which have the advantages of high reliability, accurate measurement, and low maintenance

● Uses non-toxic reagents (compared to photometric methods), so the waste liquid does not cause secondary pollution

● Peristaltic pump sampling is used to avoid the high failure rate of piston pumps

● Imported multi-way valve system to avoid high residuals caused by the use of series valves

● Easy to operate and powerful (human-machine interactive interface; automatic or timed start/stop, sample injection, calibration, and abnormal information and reagent alarm, recording, feedback, etc.)

● The entire piping system is made of corrosion-resistant materials and is designed for forward maintenance, which means that the failure rate is low, maintenance is minimal, and the service life is extended

● Automatic cleaning and calibration, power failure protection, automatic alarm function

● Supports RS-232 and RS-485 communication ports and 4-20mA analog output

● Networked quality control function, remote standard sample verification, remote monitoring of instrument status and remote online software upgrades

● Imported touch screen, Chinese interface display, and complete user rights management


It is widely applied in river assessment sections, lakes, reservoirs/water sources, hydrology, and sea inlet monitoring for stationaryfixed construction station water quality online automatic monitoring.

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