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Total Phosphorus Water Quality Online Monitor

  • Description:The C310 Total Phosphorus Water Quality Online Monitor, independently developed by BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES, is a product that measures the total phosphorus content in water based on the colorimetric method. The method involves the digestion of the sample with potassium persulfate (or nitric acid-perchloric acid), which converts all phosphorus into orthophosphate. In an acidic medium, orthophosphate reacts with ammonium molybdate in the presence of antimony salt to form phosphomolybdic acid. This is immediately reduced by ascorbic acid to produce a blue complex. The absorbance of this complex is directly proportional to the concentration of total phosphorus.

● This meter uses the national standard "Determination of total phosphorus in water by spectrophotometric method with ammonium molybdate" (GB11893-89) method of automation, and has good correlation with manual analysis

● The use of a specific combination of masking agents allows the measurement of small amounts of arsenic and chromium ions in the water sample without interference

● The instrument is miniaturized and highly integrated, with a size only comparable to that of a computer mainframe, making it easy to transport and install

● Platform and modular design, easy to maintain and quickly repair, general modules up to 95%

● Low reagent consumption, reagent level monitoring and early warning, overall reagent replacement, prompt customer notification for easy reagent replacement

● The entire piping system is made of corrosion-resistant materials and is designed for forward maintenance, which reduces the failure rate, maintenance requirements and extends the service life

● Networked quality control function, remote standard sample verification, remote monitoring of instrument status and remote online software upgrades

● Micro-dosing ensures low reagent consumption and saves operating costs

● Automatic/manual/network remote measurement, cleaning and calibration

● Fault alarm, reagent level warning, power-on self-check, power-off protection

● Support 4-20mA, RS232, RS485 communication interfaces and MODBUS communication methods

● Imported touch screen, Chinese interface display, and complete user rights management


● Online monitoring of surface water (rivers, lakes)

● Online monitoring of drinking water (drinking water sources, tap water, and groundwater)

● Online monitoring of industrial wastewater is applicable in industries such as pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, papermaking, textiles, chemicals, metallurgy, food, and wastewater treatment

● Online monitoring of domestic sewage

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