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Permanganate Index Water Quality Automatic Analyzer

  • Description:The E310 Permanganate Index Water Quality Automatic Analyzer is a product independently developed by BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES. It is based on the potassium permanganate oxidation method for measuring the permanganate index in water. It complies with the standards of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China's "The technical requirement for water quality automatic analyzer of permanganate index" (HJ/T 100-2003). It also meets the detection needs of the "Environmental quality standard for surface water" (GB 3838-2002) for the permanganate index limit values in surface water. Using the potassium permanganate oxidation method, its results are highly consistent with the "Water quality - Determination of permanganate index" (GB 11892-89) method.

● Wide range of applications (can be used in many scenarios such as surface water, pollution sources, and oceans), strong anti-interference ability (not affected by water color, turbidity, etc.)

● The imported ORP electrode is used to determine the end point of titration, which has higher sensitivity than the photometric method

● Uses an imported high-precision syringe pump as the titration pump, which has ultra-high titration accuracy

● Sampling is performed using a peristaltic pump to avoid the high failure rate of piston pumps

● Compared with similar products, the reagents and waste liquids are only 1/4 of the same type of product

● Easy to operate and powerful (human-machine interactive interface; automatic or timed start/stop, sample injection, calibration, abnormal information and reagent alarm, recording, feedback, etc.)

● Imported touch screen, Chinese interface display, complete user rights management

● Fault alarm, reagent level warning, power-on self-check, power-off protection

● The reagent formula is open, and users can configure the required reagents themselves

● Platform and modular design, easy to maintain and quickly repair, more than 95% of the modules are common

● Networked quality control function, remote standard sample verification, remote monitoring of instrument status and remote online software upgrades


Widely used in automatic online monitoring of water quality at fixed construction stations such as river assessment sections, lakes, reservoirs/water sources, water conservancy and hydrology, and estuary monitoring

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