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Water Quality Bio-toxicity Online Monitor

  • Description:Currently, online monitoring methods using physicochemical approaches for chemical substances are single-indexed and cannot fully reflect the additive, synergistic, and antagonistic effects in the water body. Therefore, it has certain limitations in reflecting the comprehensive toxicity of the water body. However, monitoring the bio-toxicity of water quality can accurately reflect the comprehensive toxic effects of pollutants on the water environment. The Water Quality Bio-toxicity Online Monitor uses bioluminescent bacteria as the test organism, responding quickly to pollutants in the water. The instrument is capable of measuring various water bodies and is highly sensitive to heavy metals, pesticides, sterilants, herbicides, and industrial chemicals. It can perform routine monitoring and early warning for sudden water pollution events in rivers, reservoirs, lakes, drinking water sources, etc.

● Meets the requirements of ISO 11348-3 and GB/T 15441

● Equipped with a variety of self-developed luminescent bacteria: including Vibrio fischeri, Photobacterium leiognathi, Vibrio qinghaiensis, and Vibrio fischeri

● The luminescent bacteria do not need to be cultured and can be used immediately after resuscitation, lasting 10-14 days

● The pipeline system uses corrosion-resistant materials, with a low failure rate

● Accurate and efficient temperature control device to ensure long-term stability of the test temperature

● Dual-path comparison testing and simultaneous testing ensure data accuracy

● Automatic/manual/network remote multi-mode measurement, cleaning and calibration

● Modular design allows for quick replacement of modules, forward maintenance, and low maintenance costs

● High-definition 10-inch color touch screen, Chinese interface display, and perfect user rights management

● Support 4-20mA, RS232, RS485 communication interfaces and MODBUS communication methods


● Routine monitoring of rivers, reservoirs, lakes, and groundwater

● Online early warning for water source quality

● Toxicity monitoring of sewage discharge points into the sea

● Pollution incident emergency monitoring

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