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Career Development Planning
The company designs professional and managerial dual-track career development paths based on the needs of the enterprise and the individual development aspirations and traits of the employees. It provides various career development paths for employees in marketing, technology, and other functional areas, guiding their career planning. Based on each individual's actual work capabilities and circumstances, a corresponding skill enhancement plan is developed, utilizing training, project exercises, and superior coaching among other methods to achieve skill improvement and fulfill employees' career development goals.

Mentorship System
The company assigns a mentor to each new employee and establishes a proactive work coaching relationship. Mentors provide information on corporate culture, organizational goals, and business strategies to new employees. They coach employees in professional skill development, guide and assist new employees in effectively fulfilling their roles, and plan career paths within the company.

Internal Mobility Mechanism
 Compared to external mobility, the company encourages and safeguards employees in selecting career development opportunities that are more suitable within the company itself.

Young Talents Development Plan
The management of key employees forms the foundation for the company's future leadership succession plan. Each department identifies the top 30% of employees with the most potential and excellent performance as "key employees". By formulating personalized development plans (such as job/project exercises, senior management attention, mentorship, training exchanges, etc.), it provides more development opportunities and platforms for exchange and collaboration. This approach respects and guides the career development of key employees, thereby forming the core talent advantage of the company and department.



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