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  • IoT-Enabled Grid Water Quality Monitoring Station

    The IoT Water Quality Grid Monitoring Station is designed to cater to the fine monitoring and regulation needs of surface water. It employs green and clean sensor technology and automatically uploads data to the cloud platform via low power consumption, low latency, and broad coverage intelligent wireless communication methods like 5G, thereby creating a high-density water quality sensor monitoring network. The monitoring factors can be flexibly configured. The system is compact and cost-effective, making it suitable for grid-based, dense, and refined deployment requirements.

  • Water Quality Emergency Monitoring Vehicle

    BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES's Water Quality Emergency Mobile Monitoring Vehicle is designed and manufactured according to laboratory standards. It adopts a multifunctional, modular design concept and serves as a three-in-one concept vehicle offering water quality emergency monitoring, automatic monitoring, and fixed monitoring station comparison. The vehicle provides efficient, rapid, and maneuverable comprehensive mobile testing and real-time monitoring platforms for environmental and water departments. It has excellent off-road performance and mobility, is equipped with a laboratory platform, and integrates specialized vehicle-mounted rapid testing and monitoring operation equipment. It meets the needs of environmental business and other monitoring departments for rapid on-site monitoring of water pollution incidents and temporary testing, enhancing the capability of emergency response and on-site enforcement. The emergency mobile monitoring vehicle consists of a loading platform system, water quality monitoring system, manual experiment operation system, power supply system, and auxiliary systems (video unit, outdoor lighting, air conditioning system unit, GPS positioning, etc.).● Flexible monitoring parameter switching: Modular combination design allows for a variety of test parameter combinations.

  • Water Quality Bio-toxicity Online Monitor

    Currently, online monitoring methods using physicochemical approaches for chemical substances are single-indexed and cannot fully reflect the additive, synergistic, and antagonistic effects in the water body. Therefore, it has certain limitations in reflecting the comprehensive toxicity of the water body. However, monitoring the bio-toxicity of water quality can accurately reflect the comprehensive toxic effects of pollutants on the water environment. The Water Quality Bio-toxicity Online Monitor uses bioluminescent bacteria as the test organism, responding quickly to pollutants in the water. The instrument is capable of measuring various water bodies and is highly sensitive to heavy metals, pesticides, sterilants, herbicides, and industrial chemicals. It can perform routine monitoring and early warning for sudden water pollution events in rivers, reservoirs, lakes, drinking water sources, etc.

  • Permanganate Index Water Quality Automatic Analyzer

    The E310 Permanganate Index Water Quality Automatic Analyzer is a product independently developed by BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES. It is based on the potassium permanganate oxidation method for measuring the permanganate index in water. It complies with the standards of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China's "The technical requirement for water quality automatic analyzer of permanganate index" (HJ/T 100-2003). It also meets the detection needs of the "Environmental quality standard for surface water" (GB 3838-2002) for the permanganate index limit values in surface water. Using the potassium permanganate oxidation method, its results are highly consistent with the "Water quality - Determination of permanganate index" (GB 11892-89) method.

  • Chemical Oxygen Demand Water Quality Automatic Analyzer

    The C310 Chemical Oxygen Demand Water Quality Automatic Analyzer is a product independently developed by BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES. It operates based on the principle of potassium dichromate high-temperature digestion oxidation spectrophotometry. After undergoing pretreatment, the water sample is oxidized by potassium dichromate under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) content is then quickly determined using a spectrophotometer. The principle employed by the instrument complies with standards such as the "Water quality - Determination of the chemical oxygen demand - Dichromate method" (HJ 828-2017) and the "Water quality-Determination of the chemical oxygen demand-Fast digestion - Spectrophotometric method" (HJ/T 399-2007).

  • Ammonia Nitrogen Water Quality Automatic Analyzer (Ammonia Gas Sensing Electrode Method)

    The E310 Ammonia Nitrogen Water Quality Automatic Analyzer, developed independently by BESCIENT TECHNOLOGIES, utilizes the ammonia gas sensing electrode method to measure the ammonia nitrogen content in water. This analyzer meets the standard requirements of the "Technical specifications and test procedures for water quality on-line automatic monitoring equipment of ammonia" (HJ/T 101-2003) set by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People's Republic of China. It also satisfies the detection needs for ammonia nitrogen limit values in surface water as per the "Environmental quality standard for surface water" (GB 3838-2002). The analyzer employs the ammonia gas-sensitive electrode method.


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